Large ABT Wobbler kit, Clay trap movement board

£279.99 Inc. Vat

Large ABT wobbler kit

Smooth Up, down,left and right movement

Converts a static trap into a simulated game system.


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Large ABT Wobbler kit, Clay trap movement board

Our Large wobbler kit is a unique machine which turns any clay pigeon trap into an ABT machine.
The wobbler is made from 4mm thick steel to take the weight of heavy machines auto 110KG

Legs are not supplied with this machine. If you do not have a GDK clay pigeon machine, legs will be required. Please request this at the time of purchasing.


Base plate dimensions

The wobbler kit moves in a random up, down, left and right motion.
~12v battery required.
running time on a fully charged battery : 100hours of constant use
The wobbler kit has an on / off switch so you can have the machine static.

Additional information

Weight 20 kg


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