Manual clay traps

At GDK we stock a great selection of excellent quality manual clay traps, with numerous options for free-standing or seated operation, 3/4 or full cock release mechanisms, and various different clip systems for easy adjustments to fire speed and direction.

If you’re looking for a quick-start, lightweight beginner’s model that’s easily stored in the boot of any car, you might want to opt for one of our highly portable tyre-mounted or ground-mounted traps. If you’ve got a bit more transport room to play with, you can opt to have the same beginner-friendly model arranged in a post-mount, tripod, seated single arm or seated double arm configuration.

At the upper end of the manual trap range, our seated double self-cocking pro trap features a folding comfort frame, dual arms for throwing 2-4 targets at a time in both rabbit and aerial positions, and a quick-pull release lever to really keep those clays flying.

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