High seats

Portable high seats or tree seats are an absolute must when out distance shooting with scoped rifles, enabling you to survey the territory over vast expanses when in densely wooded areas, where tree cover or landscape features would otherwise restrict or obscure your view of the unfolding hunt. They’re also ideal accessories for nature or landscape photographers, affording you a lofty perch from which to compose stunning wide-angle or long zoom shots in steady comfort.


Our extremely portable, easily erected and collapsed high seats come in two versions, including our own registered GDK design for the ingenious backpack telescoping option. This uniquely sturdy yet lightweight model allows the user to effortlessly carry the seat as a compact 12kg backpack, unfolding upwards to a height of 2.5m in under 3 minutes and incorporating a comfortable camouflaged seat base, adjustable foam gun rest and anti-finger-trap mechanism when collapsing it back down into rucksack mode.

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