Electronic ear defenders

Our superior range of electronic ear defenders come in a variety of options and configurations, meaning you can tailor your hearing protection to provide the sort of experience you most want from your shooting day.


Numerous high-tech options are available – popular features include full MP3 compatibility for use with iPods and other personal music players (or for taking phone calls mid-shoot). You also have the option of 4-way microphone input to amplify speech, eliminating the need to constantly remove and replace the units while in normal conversation. The microphone inputs are designed with an instantaneous automatic audio cut-out at noise levels above 82dB, offering superior hearing protection from explosively loud sounds, and all our ear defender kits come with thick leather padding for comfort and secure hold while moving around.


Although our full headsets are designed to offer robust protection in a slimline form, we also cater for customers who prefer an even more lightweight alternative with our superb GDK electronic ear plug pro HD devices. These pliable memory foam plugs are specifically built to help hunters and shooters protect their ears, whilst amplifying normal ambient sounds at between 4–8x typical levels.

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