Vault locking

If you’re keen to take your gun storage and firearm security to the very highest levels available in the home and workplace market, then the GDK line of vault-locking cabinets and safes is exactly where you ought to be looking.


As a responsible and safety conscious gun owner, you’ll find the additional peace of mind offered by these unbelievably robust and secure BS7558/92 British Safety standard-compliant storage units hugely rewarding. Unauthorised access is almost impossible with standard tools, meaning that you’re guaranteed police approval and your firearm storage is always safely protected from heavy attack or intrusion. Our truly impressive range of high-end safes and cabinets includes various options for key-driven or digital entry systems, along with multiple different gun capacities and footprint dimensions.


Vault-locking safes from GDK offer the last word in high-end firearm storage and security, and are available to buy in a choice of richly carpeted designs and finishes, ranging from polished wood effect to matte black steel and more. Please feel free to contact us with any further queries or for more information; we’re always extremely happy to advise.

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