Gun Cleaning kits

Our universal aluminium gun cleaning kits provide a brilliantly lightweight and durable carry-along that’s perfect for mull gun cleaning both at home and out in the field – it’s easily portable enough to offer the perfect handy maintenance solution in a wide variety of weather conditions and terrain types.


This full-featured kit comes packaged and protected in a sturdy, high quality aluminium case for extra convenience and carrying comfort, neatly storing away all your cleaning and upkeep tools in a clean, logical and easy-to-access arrangement – never again will you have to find yourself rummaging around in pockets, zips, slip bags or cabinet drawers to grab the right tool for a particular maintenance job!


The GDK universal aluminium cleaning kit is designed for use with either shotguns, rifles or pistols, and features an array of adaptors and brushes for a huge variety of gun barrels and bores, including 12 gauge, 20 gauge, 410 gauge, .45cal, .40cal, .357/38cal/9mm, .30cal, 270cal, .22cal and .17cal.

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