Cabinet inner ammo

The GDK range of inner ammo safes offer combined firearm storage with separate internal repositories for your ammunition, meaning you can store both in one location for added convenience. As you’d expect and hope, the ammo safe area of the unit can only be accessed with its own separate key, ensuring that your gun and ammunition storage system remains in complete accordance with BS7558/92 British Safety standards to guarantee full police approval.


Our inner ammo safe catalogue features a broad range of storage solutions and styles, including cabinets aimed specifically at new owners with a smaller collection of 1-5 firearms, as well as much larger capacity units with racked storage space for 14 guns and plenty of additional room for further breakdowns, scoped rifles and more. Locking systems on offer include both key-driven 2 x 7-lever and vault-style security options, benefiting from incredibly durable anti-cutting, nickel-plated steel lockbolts and equally robust interior locking ammunition compartments.


You can browse full sizing details and further specifications by clicking on any of the products below. Please feel free to contact us if you require additional information on any item of GDK stock.

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