Shotgun slips, cases

At GDK we know exactly how important it is to all gun owners that their firearms and ammunition are kept in top condition during transport and transit, and our superb range of shotgun slips, cases and cartridge bags will help to do just that.


These products are designed and manufactured at the highest quality for the UK’s best price, and we stock a wide variety of models to suit all tastes, styles and budgets. Our catalogue extends from sturdy and hardwearing PU gun slips and lighter but equally robust canvas bags, right through to exquisitely crafted Guardian leather protectors with full brass fittings, dense internal fleece linings, heavy duty comfort shoulder straps and made-to-measure pop-out stands.


Many of our slips and cases feature additional pockets for cartridges, documents and other shooting accessories, or you could give yourself even more carry room by opting for a separate cartridge bag in equally fine quality matching leather.

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