Other shooting accessories

The GDK accessory product range includes a broad selection of ear defenders, cleaning kits and other shooting accessories to make sure that your shoots run as smoothly and comfortably as you’d like from start to finish.


Our electronic ear defenders come with a variety of options and add-ons, incorporating numerous high-tech features such as MP3 compatibility for phones and iPods, or 4-way microphone input with automatic decibel level cut-outs, offering superior protection from explosively loud sounds while amplifying speech and eliminating the need to constantly remove and replace the units in conversation.


We also offer universal maintenance and cleaning kits, sturdy yet portable high seats in both telescopic and folding configurations, and camouflage hide netting to conceal your position effectively in more sparsely wooded areas of a shoot. If you can’t find the particular product you’re looking for, don’t hesitate to contact a member of our sales team who will be glad to offer any further help and advice.

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