Key Locking

Key-locking gun safes are among the most popular and widely used styles of secure gun storage cabinets, making entry and closure a quick and straightforward process for the key holder, but offering extremely robust and reliable protection against any unauthorised tampering without access to the necessary keys.


GDK key-locking gun cabinets are available in a wide range of sizes to suit all storage needs and available spaces. They boast 2 x 7-lever key locks to comply to the last letter of BS7558/92 British Safety standards, and to guarantee full police approval. Our innovative and hugely reliable locking systems offer extremely high-level protection in today’s advanced gun cabinet market, utilising a 7-lever mechanism that drives two vault pins deployed on closure, locking tightly and securely behind the incredibly sturdy cabinet frame to protect your valuable firearms and prevent any chance of unapproved access.


Whether you’re looking for safe storage for a single gun, or a larger capacity unit for stowing multiple rifles, full-length shotguns, breakdowns and ammunition packs, you’ll find your ideal solution right here in the GDK web store.

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