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Aerial assault clay trap

Aerial assault clay trap

£419.99 Inc. Vat

Aerial assault clay pigeon trap

Our aerial assault clay pigeon trap is our most popular clay thrower for private individuals, as it has a great throwing distance and high tilt system to give you good verity of clays. The 1 bolt tilt adjuster makes it quick and easy to change the height of the clay.

Product Description

The GDK Aerial assault is an Electric 12V Machine comes complete with a cabled foot pedal.  1 Push of the foot pedal will fire 1 target into the air, however, if you hold the foot pedal down, the machine will continuously fire clays until released. A remote controlled device can be added to move around the trap, to achieve different shooting positions.

Our Aerial assault clay trap has a great throwing distance and re-cock time to keep any level shooter on his / her toes.


Target capacity        
     50 targets 
Throwing distance       70-80 Meters 
Elevation                       0-70 degrees 
Clay Type                      Standard only (midi converter available) 
Powered by                   12 volt battery (not included in the sale)
1 year warranty 
Weight                           28kg
Clay release                  Comes with a cabled foot pedal release (6M cable)
Add a Wireless release to shoot from different angles.


GDK Aerial assault

3 Second re-cocking time. You can have  2 targets in the air at one time

This trap will launch the targets 70-80 meters

Angle adjustment up and down from 0-70 degrees

This machines comes with a 6M Cable, however you can add optional extension cables, or wireless hand remote controls to get into different positions.

Additional Information

Weight 26 kg