90 meter wireless remote control, clay trap release

£74.99 Inc. Vat

Suitable for all GDK Clay pigeon traps


70 meter wireless remote control
This Wireless remote, will plug direct into all our clay pigeon trap models. You can also use this for other automatic traps, however you may need to rewire the plug.
This remote has a range of 70 meters from the clay pigeon trap receiver which is linked to the clay trap.

What will you receive
1 x remote
1 x transmitter (plugs into trap)
1 x set of crocodile clips (clips onto your 12v battery)

The remote control has a safety cover, to prevent misfire whilst in your pocket,

1 click of a button will fire your clay into the air. This is the perfect option for standing further from your trap, to get into different angels to shoot from.


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